The Promoting Fairy is here and ready to help you!!

If you have a small business, or just make and sell crafs etc, then you need to let people know you are here. With thousands upon thousands of websites & facebook fan pages  and heaps heaps more, you need to let people know you are OPEN for BUSINESS.

Many people are now using Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites to run their business. Let the Promoting Fairy promote your business for you on her Facebook fan page with numerous shout outs.

The promoting Fairy loves to write and specialises in writing about your business. She will write a 500-1000 word article all about you and your business and post it on her blog
She will ask you a series of questions. Currently this is done through email, though she is going to be doing interviews by Intants Messaging soon.
You will recieve your questions once she recieves your payment. Please answer these questions as thoroughly as you can. Once it has been posted on her blog, she will send you an email letting you know.
Please allow up to 7 days for your Business article to be written up and posted on her blog

She will promote your business in many other ways, some of which are available now and some which will become available really soon. She is happy for you to send any suggestions to fairy2help@live.com.au for her to consider.

The Promoting Fairy can host your auction, giveaway, competition, etc.

Visit The Promoting Fairy ~ Here to help you on facebook!!